Armed / Uniformed Security Professionals 

OUR APPROACHWe hold ourselves to a higher standard. This means that not only do we provide our clients with tactically-sound professionals serving as a deterrent to wanna-be criminals, but we also provide men and women who appreciate, respect and support our client's culture. Our purpose is to protect our client in a way that serves them strategically, allowing them to do their own jobs or personal activities without undue concern liability or security. We often feel like our clients are family and strive to serve them beyond expectations. We often work successfully alongside personal protection teams, client management, police personnel or staff providing a comprehensive, relational and consistent operation that has become our signature.

LIABILITY: Providing true security is a large undertaking. It requires strategic hiring, licensing, ongoing training, knowledge of applicable laws and security tactics, equipment, and skillsets to provide a strategic service. That is why our clients choose us to provide trusted security, allowing them to focus on what they are good at without incurring additional civil or criminal liability by trying it themselves or ignoring it altogether.

We provide additional value by taking on the liability our clients experienced before our arrival when it comes to securing and protecting its assets and people. To accomplish this, we provide personnel with higher-level training, an insurance policy that exceeds state requirements by over 4X, disciplined licensing practices, random drug testing and the additional requirements listed below (OFFICER REQUIREMENTS). We often add clients to our insurance policy as well to provide additional protection. The only prerequisite a potential client has is to vet the contractor it hires by ensuring the company is licensed, insured and capable of performing the duties agreed upon - The rest is up to us! 

OFFICER REQUIREMENTS: TSN armed, uniformed security professionals are unequivocally a cut above. We do not accept the mere minimum standards required by the state. Our entire uniformed teams are required to:

  • Pass extensive and recurring background checks 
  • Pass recurring advanced TSN customized firearm qualifications 
  • Pass an annual Physical Fitness test
  • Pass random drug screens
  • Pass TSN CE courses that include but are not limited to:
    • Professionalism and Ethics 
    • Report Writing 
    • Active Shooter
    • Tactical Handcuffing
    • Tactical Pistol
    • Incident Reporting
    • Use of Force

DETAILED REPORTING: We provide detailed, comprehensive reports complete with daily activities as well as recommendations that provide value and educate our clients about their site and any lingering concerns. These reports are then compiled by a supervisor that oversees the client's site and sent to the client along with specifically highlighted items of importance for ease of review. Additionally, we compose detailed Operation Orders specific to each client location we serve to ensure accountability and full understanding of client and TSN expectations. 

CUSTOMIZED SERVICE: Our professional security services are specifically customized and formulated for each client. Our provisions regardless of the options selected might include but not be limited to the following:

  • A high-level professional presence
  • A welcoming environment for clients, staff and authorized visitors
  • A definitive deterrent for criminals
  • Concierge-style and high-end customer service-minded personnel
  • Strategic placements of officers for advantageous coverage
  • Helpfulness and consideration toward staff and patrons
  • Ability to respond immediately to calls 
  • Constant refining of safety and security practices while sharing them to enhance and grow the operation successfully
  • Liaise with the local police, fire and medical services 
  • Employee escorts to vehicles whenever possible
  • Provide licensed and trained professionals who understand not only the client security concerns but also the culture and daily expectations
  • Monitor dedicated CCTV systems
  • A dedicated security cell phone and number accessible to all employees
  • Maintain officer standards and professionalism well above state requirements



"TSN has exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed with their performance at their first assignment, we hired them to provide security at our Corporate Offices. Easy to work with, reasonable rates and good reporting and communication skills." 
- Danny Myers, Vice President / Security
  Cinemark Holdings, Inc.


"Making the decision to hire TSN has been one of my best decisions since I took over as Property Manager. These guys do a great job and we couldn’t be happier as they have made a huge positive difference here for the security at First Command. I do tend to get attached to the guys, so we miss them when they are promoted to other locations, however, each replacement has done a great job. Again, I can’t say enough how happy we are with TSN."
- Deb Williams, Property Manager
  First Command Financial Services & Banking


"TSN has provided our employees with exceptional service for over two years now. The guards' diligence and attention to detail prove crucial for our company's special events as well as our everyday needs. 

The TSN supervisor has been emblematic of what we've come to expect: a guard who is both personable and protective in the right measure. (When he served as a guard at our holiday party, some employees greeted him as if he were family, excited to see him there. He proved particularly helpful at this large event where our nearly 400 guests needed his eye for safety in their celebrating.) Others on his team have been skilled in balancing the demands of the job with a similarly warm approach. TSN guards put our employees at ease, maintaining a positive attitude and a keen eye for concerning situations.

Whether it's a last-minute request from us, a proactive email about scheduling, or a reliable report of activity, TSN's staff has been helpfully communicative and professional. We appreciate all they do for our team."

-  Ashley Graham, People Operations Coordinator