Armed Security Professionals

TSN armed uniformed security personnel are equipped professionally, courteously, and tactically. They are not “just” certified through state licensure processes. We require much more than the minimum.

Our professionals have passed extensive and recurring background checks, a recurring/required high-level TSN firearm qualification, professionalism and report writing courses, random drug screening and an annual fitness test in order to work.

We provide detailed comprehensive reports complete with daily activities as well as recommendations that provide value and educate our clients about their site and any lingering concerns.

Importantly, we understand and then prove that tact and respect for our client's CULTURE is essential. Our friendly, yet ominously professional presence and vigilance against criminals and trespassers thwarts most incidents before they happen.

We often work alongside personal protection teams, client management, police personnel or large family or business staff providing a comprehensive, relational and consistent operation that has become our signature.