Strategic Partners

We are proud to have a strategic relationship with the following best practice staffed and industry leading service providers:

WhitneySmith Company...

WhitneySmith Company is a human resources consulting firm headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Since 1989 they have been providing professional assistance throughout the United States in various human resources disciplines including:

* Employee relations
* Audits/investigations
* Compensation
* Affirmative action plans
* Recruitment
* Performance management systems
* Benefits
* Safety assistance
* Training
* Human resources-related litigation support

Some of the industries they serve are: commercial banking, investments, credit unions, insurance, energy, entertainment, healthcare, education, advertising/public relations, automotive, public accounting, defense, manufacturing, distribution, construction, transportation, food service, and non profits.

From small organizations to nationally recognized businesses, WhitneySmith Company is committed to providing and executing strategies that will support the overall human resources goals of their clients.


HIGGINBOTHAM - Global Reach. Local Touch. Single Source.

Founded in 1948, the Fort Worth, Texas headquartered Higginbotham Company and its network collaborate as one cohesive firm with one unifying mission: To exceed the expectations of their clients, employees, carriers and communities in a partnership to deliver a Single Source for insurance and financial services.

Higginbotham serves as a Single Source for insurance, risk management and financial services by providing access to commercial and personal property/casualty coverage, employee benefits, retirement plans, life insurance and executive compensation through broad market representation. They also deliver risk management and benefit plan administration solutions.

Higginbotham is comprised of offices and subsidiaries located across Texas - all offering the same Single Source solutions that differentiate Higginbotham. Each operates as a Higginbotham company and has complete insurance, risk management and financial services capabilities, strong footholds in their local markets and excellent reputations for best practice personal service. Together, they form one of the largest independent insurance brokerage firms in the United States and the second largest in Texas.


"Dedicated To The Study Of Combat Martial Arts"

Rister International Martial Arts is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and teaches effective methods and means to survive real life threats. They train Federal, State and local law enforcement officers, experienced martial artists and individuals new to martial arts. Rister International Martial Arts teaches the best of both worlds in the art of self defense and survival. They offer the old school "burn it in" approach combined with the new attitude approach which allows the student to learn and advance their way. So whether you are into the no-nonsense training and learning approach or the old school way, Rister International Martial Arts has everything you need to learn and train in the art of self defense and survival. There are different forms of martial arts, but to gain the best knowledge on the subject, one needs to incorporate different forms of martial arts into their self-defense repertoire.

Rister International Martial Arts offers the following classes and private lessons in:

* Muay Thai
* Kali-Eskrima-Arnis (Provides a deeper understanding and use of Filipino Martial Arts - integrates both armed and unarmed fighting - includes empty-handed attack strikes and devastating joint locks)
* Wing Chun Kung Fu for Combat and Health (Specializes in close-range attack combat strategy and tactics)
* Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu & Jeet Kune Do
* Maphlindo Silat & Madjapihit Martial Arts
* Self-defense
* Street survival
* Instructor certification

Rister International Martial Arts Email: