(Plain Clothed Professionals)

We provide discreet protection services to clients on a full, part-time or even sporadic basis. Our goal is to create solutions to specific issues and only leverage our specialists when truly needed to ensure:

  • Spouses or families are covered locally while a client is traveling
  • Executives are protected while traveling in or out of the country
  • Travel strategies and contacts are established
  • Clients and others are protected during special events
  • Protection is provided in the event of a threat
  • Provide safe transportation  
  • Brand protection
  • Plain-clothed security on executive floors for staff and executives
  • Hostile terminations are executed safely
  • A high profile person is protected from harm, embarrassment or unwanted media attention
  • Clients are able to move from place to place without distractions
  • A divorce goes as smoothly as it possibly can without undue harm or embarrassment 
    ...And more situations specific to each client's disposition

Our operations include much more than simply sending a protection specialist. We pay careful attention to the circumstances, people and the environment in which we are to work and then formulate a creative, strategic plan that makes sense to all parties.

We also match our specialist to our client's personality, business culture and personal preferences to ensure we serve them optimally. Our protection operations overtly resemble a concierge service but involve professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure absolute client safety, security and comfort.