Customized Training 

Some of the customized training we provide for our clients:

Active Shooter
Danny Coulson and Tegan Broadwater provide unique professional insight and site-specific recommendations that provide for real-world shooter preparation and reaction with this entertaining presentation (1.5 - 2 hours).  

Intuition and Awareness
(Women, Teens, Employees, Management, Individuals)

Workplace Violence 

Emergency Management 

Safety and Security at Schools and Churches 



Arrange course dates & times via the TSN Office: (817) 332-9944


Intuition, Awareness and Safety Seminars
Provided for Schools, Corporations, Real Estate Firms, Teens, Office/Workplace Violence arenas, Women, Apartment Communities, Celebrities and anyone interested in self, familial or occupational preservation 
Instructor: Varies
Inquire TSN Office 817-332-9944 


Emergency Management Planning Seminars
Designed to enhance or to provide a starting point for companies in need of professional advisement regarding emergency planning for their sites. Covers custom scenarios for your business, college or organization and provides educated insight regarding active shooters, natural disasters and workplace violence
Instructor: Varies
Cost: Priced to scale audience and site


Tactical Driving Courses
Students and Professionals learn high speed tactics and vehicle control as well as routine maintenance checks and complete specially-designed road courses at varying skill levels.
Instructor: Q. Barnett 817-332-9944
Cost: Varies: $3000.00 - $5000.00 


Texas Level-IV Personal Protection Certification Courses
Call our office to get on the waiting list for this course 817-332-9944
Cost: $225.00 


CPR, First Aid and Defibrillator
Instructor: Robert Broadwater, Fire Dept. Lt./Paramedic
Cost:Inquire at TSN Offices - 817-332-9944


For more information or to enroll in classes please call 817-332-9944



CHERYL JOHNSON joined the Fort Worth Police Department in 1989 and in 1994 was promoted to Detective assigned to the Sexual Assault Unit. In 1999, she was re-assigned to the Crime Scene Search Unit before joining Homicide in 2001.

Cheryl promoted to Sergeant in 2006 and returned to supervise the Sexual Assault Unit in 2007. In 2011, Cheryl was selected to supervise the Homicide and Cold Case Units. That year, Cheryl joined Tactical Systems Network, LLC (TSN) as an expert educator/presenter and has spoken to a wide range of TSN clients. Cheryl retired from the FWPD in 2014.

Cheryl has worked and supervised hundreds of violent crime investigations including several high profile murder cases, death penalty cases and serial cases and is a well respected TSN speaker on topics of awareness, intuition and violent crime.


JON RISTER is a world-renowned expert in combative martial arts but moreover, has developed innovative and practical strategies for SWAT teams and Protection Specialists over the past 27 years. He is certified to teach under Guro Dan Inosanto and Francis Fong. His diverse skills, real world application and ability to teach make him one of the most coveted instructors around. 

Rister joined the TSN team in 2009 and has made a significant impact on our industry and select individuals ever since.


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