Corporate & Special Events

When it is time for your executive level business leaders to meet, it is imperative that you plan and then implement event management and safety and security best practices to safeguard everyone involved in the event, products and personal belongings, the brand and any sensitive proprietary information.

  • Board Of Director (BOD) Meetings
  • Annual Shareholder Meetings
  • Executive Meetings 
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Proprietary Product or Information Demos 
  • Conventions

TSN specializes in safeguarding top-level internal and external business leaders who are tasked with representing, advising and guiding a company's business, financial and brand protection best interests.

TSN utilizes comprehensive best practice event security guidelines to address your "event specific" requests, goals, and security budget. We address and define security management and personnel roles, understand and support event organizer responsibilities, and enhance the overall team goals and mission. 

  • We assist event organizers by providing information on what to expect in and from a strategic security plan.
  • We assist event organizers by providing them with an understanding about what we need from them to provide effective security and security management

TSN works with Fortune 100 companies special event management teams to provide the following strategic security services among others:

  • Conduct domestic and foreign on-site and off-site Board of Directors, Annual Shareholders Meetings, Executive Level and Advisory Committee Meeting advances
  • Provide on-site strategic security services to secure the meeting spaces, hotel, resort or other overnight accommodations, off-site dinner and entertainment venues, methods of transportation, etc.
  • Coordinate and facilitate executive or VIP arrivals 
  • Provide for sensitive document destruction post-meeting
  • Coordinate with off-site security teams, law enforcement and/or facilities management to ensure proper teamwork and communication during the event
  • Provide 24/7 "On-call" personnel for the event duration
  • Furnish clients with detailed daily reports, incident reports, notes of concern and safety recommendations