Risk and Vulnerability Assessments:

We provide a high level custom assessment of an individual or business that includes but is not limited to the following:

SAFETY • Physical Safety • Workplace Violence • Communication of Issues • False Sense of Security? • Personnel at Risk • Background Checks

PHYSICAL LOCATION VULNERABILITY • Parking Lot • Lighting • Entrances and Exits • Camera Systems • Door Locking Mechanisms • Ingress/Egress • Public Access

CRIME VULNERABILITIES • Statistics • Location and Staff in Relation to Criminal Potential

BUSINESS • Type of Vocation • Profile • Brand Damage • Monies Available or Perceived Monies Available On Site

POLICY • Emergency Management • Hiring/Firing Processes • Transporting/Storage of Sensitive Data

We then present creative solutions to remedy the deficient issues and approve processes that are currently beneficial. Our clients benefit from experience, knowledge and an easily-understood document provided by TSN experts that allows for strategically building their safety and security program over a period of years.