We provide a high-level, customized assessment of an individual or business that provides heavy consideration for the culture in place while providing creative solutions to the specific issues we find. 

Our customized assessment parameters may include but are certainly not limited to:

1. Vet security and/or accountable personnel (if applicable)
2. Standard Operating Procedure reviews
3. Cameras and Alarms
4. People movement (safety of movement inside, outside and parking lots)
5. Access Control and locking analysis
6. Badging procedures
7. Visitor/client processes
8. Special events
9. Ingress/egress and arrivals/departures
10. Secure locations/logistics
11. Review of crime impact data
12. Shipping and Receiving and/or deliveries
13. Assessment visits and non-intrusive soft breaches are performed at varied times of day
14. Parking lots, lighting
15. Money movement and processes within the facility

1. Meet with specific staff to discuss current concerns, terminations and similar practices with staff
2. Assessment of lockdown and evacuation procedures
3. Public Address System utilization
4. Information security procedures
5. Meet with designated staff to discuss special security concerns (children, threats, money, porous environments)
6. Examination/vetting of emergency procedures and correlation to providing ease of access to emergency services
7. Discussions with leadership about LTC Policies

It is our practice to conduct interviews with select staff in order to get the best information for our assessments.

Within our document, we provide creative solutions to remedy the deficient issues and approve processes that are currently beneficial. Our clients benefit from experience, knowledge and an easily-understood document provided by TSN experts that allows for strategically building their safety and security program over a period of years.

Once our document is completed, we meet with select staff to present our findings and answer any outstanding questions or concerns to ensure total understanding and satisfaction.