TSN is committed to safeguarding business operations in the Oil & Gas industries with innovative, affordable and effective security solutions. We implement cost efficient security solutions to assist you and your company in securing your corporate headquarters, off-site locations, equipment storage sites, leases, drilling and production sites.

TSN Oil & Gas security services are available to you and your business to ensure the safety of you and your family, your executives and your employees, contractors, vendors, landowners and your property from the following risks and liabilities:

  • Trespassing
  • Internal Theft  
  • External Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Environmental Violations
  • Workplace Violence
  • Law Suits
  • Pipeline Sabotage
  • Plastic Fracking Tank Liner Malfunction or Intentional Sabotage
  • Theft and Loss of Oil & Gas Products
  • Loss of Equipment - Stolen For Resale Purposes, or Stolen or Damaged to Cease or Slow Down Business Production
  • Loss of Diesel Fuel -Stolen From Vehicles Or Stolen From On-Site Diesel Storage Tanks
  • Illegal Drug Issues
  • Terrorism
  • Opposition by Environmental or Anti-Fracking Individuals and/or Groups

TSN will discuss with you the latest technologies, methods and strategies to mitigate and prevent the impact of security threats to you and your business. We will then propose a best practice security program to safeguard you, your business and your brand. Even in high-tech environments, the well-trained eyes and ears of a professional security officer who knows how to effectively monitor, detect and deter security threats is a valuable resource for you and your business. We ensure that oil and gas companies are positioned to effectively safeguard their employees who are assigned to their corporate headquarters and production sites.

We are finding that more often than not, cities and towns in close proximity to oil and gas production sites are filled with people chasing high paying oil and gas field jobs. And in most cases the local population is not familiar with these workers. The number of unmonitored contractors, vendors, fracking crews, and oil rig workers driving and walking in and around oil and gas field operation facilities, storage equipment areas, construction and production sites both night and day can be overwhelming and unsafe.  A typical result of this type of unmonitored activity is the rise in opportunistic crime, which can adversely affect the safety and security of your employees and markedly impact the operations and monetary flow of your business. We recognize that even shutting down one day of production can mean significant monetary loss.

TSN’s high-level security services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each one of our clients as needed. Depending on your personal and business needs, TSN is positioned to provide you with the following security services:

  • Superior Client Service and Communication
  • Safety and Security Assessments
  • Contractor and Employee Background Screening 
  • Best Practice Technical, Physical And Corporate Security Programs
  • Emergency Preparation and Response Plans
  • Ongoing Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery and Disaster Drills
  • Safety and Security Training
  • Mailroom Training - Suspicious Packages and Letters
  • State Licensed Level III Armed, Uniformed Professional Security Officers
  • State Licensed Level IV Armed, Plain-Clothed Personal Protection Officers
  • 24-Hour Corporate Security Services - Security Officers, Security Managers, Security Directors 
  • 24-Hour Single or Multiple Gate Entry Access Control and Monitoring Services
  • Real Time Enforcement of Site Specific Rules and Regulations
  • Armed, Uniformed Roving and Observation Vehicular Security Patrols
  • Armed, Uniformed Fixed Post Security
  • Daily Activity Reports Presented to Our Clients
  • Proactive Response to Incidents and Threats
  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Liaison
  • On-Site First Aid Response 
  • Executive Level Transportation Services
  • Real Time On-Site or Remote Monitoring CCTV Video Surveillance  
  • On-Site and Remote Access Control System Monitoring

TSN takes pride in serving our Oil & Gas clients in the most demanding environments.  For more information about our Oil & Gas security services please contact our Fort Worth office: (817) 332-9944.  

TSN also performs high level, industry specific investigations with an obligation to our clients confidentiality and goals such as:

  • Full-Scope Background Checks
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Due Diligence
  • Forensic Interviews or Interrogations
  • Wrongful Death
  • Electronic Data Recovery
  • Organized and/or White Collar Crime
  • Drug Trafficking Issues
  • Surveillance Details