Security Concierge

We take pride in providing high-end operators and information resources to our clients. Our capabilities are immense when it comes to the industry of security and protection; estate protection, travel, site security, business continuity, training, personal logistics and contracting, consulting and availability. Whatever the security-related need, we provide valuable solutions.

We take service to a whole new level when it comes to protecting our clients best interests. Here are some of the additional services we often provide as a part of our offerings:

Mail Pick-Up and Storage
Home Lighting Maintenance (while client is out of town)
Presence/Vetting of Contractor Services
General Oversite/Care for Client Pets 
Dry Cleaning Drop/Pick-Up
Transportation Services
Home or Office Patrols
Estate Protection/House Sitting
Routine Vehicle Driving Maintenance
Detailed Reporting Always Included 

24/7 Security & Advisory Response Services

We provide valuable programs to maintain the integrity of the current information and operations in place to our clients and to ensure the consistency, training and integrity of the operations and remedies in place is maintained. TSN professionals are on call 24/7 to our clients for staffing, developmental plans, questions, business continuity, training needs, incidents and breaches or additional general consulting.

Executive Transportation

This page is currently in transition and will be updated soon!