Consulting & Vulnerability Assessments

CONSULTING: We provide expertise and consultancy to our clients regarding, safety and security policies, vulnerabilities, workplace violence, harassment, active shooter, building projects, emergency management, premise liability and more. We take care to ensure we know the people and culture involved before making recommendations so we remain true to our clients end goals. We seek creative means to accomplish our recommendations as well and provide supporting personnel when necessary.

NO SALES PITCHES: We do not have a sales staff at TSN. We only want to serve those that truly need our help. It is the only way we can provide our service with integrity and ensure our clients will return if they have other issues. We do not charge for initial consults as we must first know the scope of a project before accepting responsibility for it. Call our office or email us if you have questions about a circumstance or disposition that we might advise you on. 

VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENTS: TSN experts provide a high-level, comprehensive, yet easily understood assessment of a client’s business, building, school or home; noting concerns threats and vulnerabilities. We then present CREATIVE remedies in an easily-understood document. Our remedies vary in cost depending on the situation, however, we are often able to present our signature CREATIVE SOLUTIONS that involve little-to-no cost.

The issues we observe and the solutions we provide, maintain consideration for our client's culture, goals, risks, and budget. Our reports are designed to be an educational tool (not a strictly critical document) to be utilized by the client over a period of 2 to 3 years. This allows our client to strategically build and budget for their safety and security program.

We always include a personalized debrief for our clients and designers following the presentation of our assessment document to ensure they are absolutely satisfied and understand the information and context provided.

We provide comprehensive assessments for businesses, state and county facilities, tall buildings, educational institutions at all levels, large estates, hospitals, churches, entertainment venues, and commercial sites as well as personal risk assessments for executives, politicians, private wealth individuals and families, pastors and celebrities with inherent risk.