Acts of Domestic Terror Rise 

By: Tegan Broadwater, Founder & COO - Tactical Systems Network, LLC – July 20, 2015

Five Marines were killed and a police officer shot when a gunman attacked two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee. ISIS claimed responsibility for a shooting outside a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. A white supremacist gunman in Charleston, South Carolina murdered nine innocent worshippers. These acts of terrorism represent a growing movement and a cause for serious concern in America with three main realizations:

  1. Terrorists are not merely resigned to targeting high-profile U.S. cities like New York City or Washington D.C.
  2. Not all domestic terrorists are Jihadist (in fact, most are not).
  3. Committing these acts of domestic terror is EASY.

As the cowardly tactic of terrorism grows around the world and terrorist groups from outside the United States continue to recruit American citizens, we all naturally become keener to this new, violent age. However, with the numbers from within the United States growing and incidents popping up around the country, it is time to stop ignoring our vulnerabilities and assuming it will only happen elsewhere.

The messages from domestic terrorists like political extremists, white supremacists, organized gangs and cartels, and religious terrorists are, by design, accompanied by fear. The message we must derive from these acts is indeed not fear but to affirm the fact that we are terribly vulnerable. The recognition and subsequent acknowledgment of this fact is the first step in protecting our country from this gutless infiltration. Domestic terror is a much easier, less complicated way these groups can accrue deaths and draw attention to their causes.

Easy. Our security firm provides clients a comprehensive and realistic look at their vulnerabilities, while maintaining their culture with reasonable solution options. Through these intensive analytical processes, we look at weaknesses from a criminal mindset. Most of us “good guys” give too much benefit of the doubt to others. We struggle to realize that terrorists and criminals spend all of their waking hours seeking opportunities to accomplish their vile acts. Educating people about the vulnerabilities that exist places them at a significantly greater advantage in combating those issues. Business owners, teachers, parents, individuals, religious and political leaders must now take responsibility to protect those they care about most.

I will not divulge specific security breaching tactics that would promote more criminal ideas. I am assuring you however, that in our industry experience, we have identified an inordinate amount of opportunities for terrorists to easily accomplish their goals by simply entering critical areas unchallenged.

Also concerning are the recent attacks that have involved un-confirmed members of dangerous terrorist organizations. Though many discount these incidents as isolated and executed by simple “wannabes”, they are actually some of the most dangerous we encounter. We are now scrambling to identify potential terrorists that are not traceable to the organizations they represent. This makes it even harder to prevent their acts of terror.


  • Recognition and Awareness
    I refer to these essential tools as often as I can because they are fundamental to our safety. Recognize there is a deficit in your business security and learn how to listen to your intuition. This sixth sense will provide you with awareness of a need, adjustment or incorporation of additional security protocols. While many continue to ignore their intuition and justify resisting security improvements to avoid a cost incurrence, responsible leaders in America must now heed this message and know that security must move up the list of business and personal priorities.

  • Learn how to secure your business environment
    This is essential. Secure your business with awareness and preparedness in mind – Not lockdown. This is not a time to concede fear. It is a time to act responsibly. A business cannot truly thrive if it loses its identity and culture. There are creative ways to provide additional security without losing these key elements.

    Do not guess. This is too important an issue to get wrong. Contact a reputable and vetted security consultant in your area to help guide you through intelligent solutions for better securing your environment. Once you properly vet a consultant, they also take on the brunt of related liability. Not all security solutions will prevent an act of terrorism. A terrorist, like any criminal, will seek the softest target to produce the most significant damage. Presenting a secure business environment that utilizes deterrence and awareness will result in a substantially better chance that a terrorist or criminal will move on to an easier target.

  • Communicate concerns
    Provide a way for your business partners and employees to share their concerns and engage them regularly as the environment changes around you. Many of our clients learn new things about their internal business this way. Vulnerability can manifest through something as simple as an employee’s divorce. Spouses often know much about your business environment whether such disclosure is permitted or not. This can be strategically mitigated, but only with communication that leads to you knowing that it exists in the first place.

  • Educate your leadership staff and employees
    A plan does not work unless the participants act according to its design. Once you have worked with your consultant to bolster your security presence, request ongoing educational modules to provide your business with the confidence that your commitment to a secure business environment is ongoing.

  • Garner pride for our nation and our freedom
    A healthy appreciation and gratefulness for the opportunities and freedoms our great country provides us will help put these needs and concerns into perspective. Regardless of political affiliation, race or religion, we have to recognize the value in the freedom to make daily, personal choices that are disallowed in so many other countries. We want to hear people’s agenda the right way – not be forced to pay attention to their agenda because they engage in terrorism. Violence and terror cannot be tolerated within our great country under any circumstance. 9/11 instantly shelved our personal agendas and brought our country’s people together to protect one another. The spread of this domestic terrorism is now threatening to cause an even more remarkable impact. Never forget.

We have always vowed to educate our clients and not to sell fear. Do not fear this expansive domestic terrorism and the ease in which it can be executed. Do be concerned and aware. Resist ignoring the fact that domestic terrorism can be so easily executed. Protect your business, people, rights, freedom and our country by recognizing this is a most serious issue. Take responsible steps to ensure you do not become the next target.

About the Author: Tegan Broadwater is the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Tactical Systems Network, LLC (TSN) – An executive-level security and investigations firm in Fort Worth, Texas. TSN’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to private wealth individuals, schools and businesses. He is an ex-municipal law enforcement officer and the author of “LIFE IN THE FISH BOWL, The true story of how one white cop infiltrated and took down 41 of the nation’s most notorious Crips.”