Tactical Systems Network, LLC (TSN)

WHO WE ARE: TSN is an elite security and private investigation firm headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. We were founded on the principles of integrity, hard work and an ardent focus on extraordinary personal service. We transcend competition by leveraging CREATIVE SOLUTIONS that save time, money and resources while providing service beyond expectations. This ensures a meaningful experience for those whom we share our trusted expert advice, protection or investigative services.

Our clients range from small businesses, law firms and private wealth families to Fortune 100 corporations, private schools, and high-risk individuals. We owe our success to the trust and support of our dedicated team of employees and valued clients and continue to grow rapidly as a result of our close relationships therein.

DIVERSITY: TSN is a minority & women-owned business.

VETERAN PREFERENCE: TSN is comprised of over 50% of military veterans. We employ and actively seek to further employ qualified military veterans with experience in combat arms, law enforcement and/or leadership. Veterans at TSN also receive monetary preference for their honorable service. 

OUR START: TSN was founded by Tegan Broadwater in early 2008. Tegan had been a Fort Worth Police Officer for 13 years. He had worked in patrol, the Gang Unit, the Cold Case Unit, and the Narcotics Unit. During his last few years on the force, Tegan worked a rare, deep undercover assignment where he managed to infiltrate the Texas Crips. As the primary undercover agent, Tegan was assigned to the FBI for the duration of the 2-year operation. In 2007, his case (Operation Fish Bowl) was nominated for the FBI's Case of the Year and Tegan was awarded Fort Worth Police Officer of the Year. His case was successful as 51 violent gang members were arrested (41 of which were sentenced federally) and 9 cold case murders were re-investigated. Despite this success, however, Tegan was taxed from the 2 years of 75-hour workweeks and longed for a new challenge.

In 2008, Tegan leveraged his investigative and entrepreneurial skills to launch Tactical Systems Network, LLC - a high-end security and investigations firm. At the time, his wife, Holli, was managing a private wealth individual's finances and businesses. Holli agreed to donate her time between jobs to ensure the business remained financially sound during the ever-volatile start-up period (which was particularly fortunate in light of the stock market crash later that same year!). Tegan and Holli shared a small 400-square-foot office space and Tegan worked all of the jobs that came in, from security guard to consultant to investigator. He worked days, nights and holidays. He created the essential business structure and authored processes between those shifts.  Once he realized that he was unable to work multiple jobs at the same time, he began hiring talented and ambitious people to help. As TSN accrued its staff, Holli spent more and more time managing the finances and payroll. Sometime in 2011, Holli joined TSN full-time and poured into building this business alongside Tegan. 

After 2 years in business, TSN broke through, leveraging great relationships and solid work to grow it's client base significantly. It was at this juncture that Tegan and Holli were able to actually pay themselves. By 2012, Holli was working full-time at TSN and the staff had grown to 40 employees. Managing a multi-million dollar business became the challenge as TSN continued to grow. Tegan only brought on clients that fit the TSN long-term vision of serving and protecting good people who execute business with good purpose. Those referrals were now multiplying and TSN was steadily growing. In 2016, Holli became a majority owner as her knowledge in the industry grew deeper and her financial discipline and care had saved TSN from disaster more than once. 

Now, we are over 60 strong. Our concentration is on developing employees personally and professionally and serving clients and employees with a relational focus while methodically improving our processes to stay ahead of this modernizing industry. 

 GIVING BACK: TSN proudly provides monetary and service support to the following charitable causes:

  • HOPE FARM is an after-school program that provides mentorship, leadership and life training to young boys with murdered or incarcerated fathers.
  • THE ART STATION provides art therapy to military veterans with PTSD and other persons in need of this creative solution to complex issues.
  • HOPE4BLUE operates to lift the morale of police officers and their families following a death in the line of duty and helps to strengthen police/community relationships through pastoral leadership in the inner-cities of America.  



Some of the additional services we provide include:

Consultants and Trusted Advice

Creative Security Strategies

Armed, Uniformed Professionals 

Armed, Plain-Clothed Protection

Board of Directors and Shareholder Meeting Security

Risk Assessments - Premise

Litigation Support & Expert Witnesses

Employee Terminations and HR Support

Oil and Gas Industry

Training/Lectures: Active Shooter – Emergency Preparedness

School Safety and Security

Paramedic/EMT Licensed Security

Emergency Management Plan Reviews

Residential and Neighborhood Security Services

TSCM (Bug Sweeps)    

Travel Security; Advances, Assessments, and Transportation

Business/Life Continuity


Tactical Systems Network, LLC 
200 Carroll Street, Suite 150  
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Office: (817) 332-9944 
Fax: (817) 332-9955

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